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Spring 2020 Update

Spring is here which means summer is just around the corner!

Your heat pump might start to get used for cooling shortly and now is a great time for some basic self maintenance or general servicing work, as well as some simple tricks to ensure you get the most out of your heat pump.


Top Tips For Your Heat Pump:
• Clean the filters. This is the cause of many issues with heat pumps. If you have not cleaned your filters for a while then give them a check today and you may be surprised just how much dust has collected!

• Check the fan speed. We recommend running the fan speed in Auto. This setting allows the heat pump to select the correct fan speed for the most effective and efficient operation. Fixing the fan speed at a low or medium low setting can significantly reduce the heating or cooling output of your heat pump.

• Select the correct mode. It might seem obvious but the heat pump needs to be in the correct mode for heating or cooling. Heating mode is usually indicated by a sunshine symbol on the remote controller display. Cooling mode is usually indicated by a snowflake symbol. Pressing the 'Mode' button on the remote will change the mode function with each press of the button. We do not recommend running you heat pump in 'Auto Mode' as the heat pump can change from heating to cooling by itself and you may not want it to do this.
For a comprehensive guide on how to get the most out of your heat pump download our Top Tips guide on the button below:


Save now on heat pump servicing.
If you have not had your heat pump serviced for a while then now is a great time to get this done. Get rid of any dust and contaminants that may have accumulated over winter and make sure your heat pump is nice and fresh for the summer months ahead. Get your heat pump serviced now and get $20 off our regular rate for just $119.
Any additional heat pumps serviced at the same house at the same time are also discounted to just $98 each. This offer is open to all existing and new customers so tell your friends and family!
Hurry - this offer is only available until 31st October!
To book a heat pump service simply give us a call on 03 9282629, or submit a booking request online.

New product release from Daikin - Hot Water Reinvented!
The incredible Daikin Altherma R HW domestic hot water heat pump system is now available in New Zealand for the 1st time. These innovative systems can reduce your hot water energy costs by up to 70% and are cost effective to install.
Perfect for new homes, renovations, and even existing homes.
The Daikin Altherma R HW comes with its own unique cylinder and heats the water instantly through an induction immersion coil. This unique method of water heating has several advantages over traditional water heating systems and is incredibly efficient to use.

For more information, product brochure, and a short video overview simply click the button below