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Mitsubishi Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are famous for being very, very quiet.

But there is a lot more to Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps than simply family friendly noise levels.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps have an unrivaled range of heat pumps to suit almost any heating or cooling requirement, or aesthetic need and are well known to be excellent performing heat pumps in cold conditions.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are also have the option of connecting with your smart phone or other device to give you control of the heat pump from virtually anywhere. This feature allows advanced user control such as turning on your heat pump from the office on the way home or setting advanced timer scheduling from the easy to use menu on your phone (the additional WiFi controller is required for smart phone use).

You can now even control your Mitsubishi heat pump with voice commands with the Amazon Alexa smart home device


The new release EcoCoreAP range are now better than ever and have the option for built in Wi-Fi control, a compact size up to 6kW heating capacity, and Mitsubishi's quietest heat pump ever at just 18dbA for the new MSZ-AP25VGKD model. This high performance range of heat pumps sets a new standard for features, efficiency, and noise levels.

Another exciting new product range is the stylish Black Diamond series with sleek designer styling and available in 3 distinctive colours. These smart looking heat pumps are also available with Hypercore technology up to the 6kW heating model and offer a unique blend of style and performance.

For incredible flexibility when dealing with multiple rooms or spaces the OmniCore range is the perfect solution. This innovative product uses a single outdoor unit connected to multiple indoor units to deliver year round comfort in a wide variety of scenarios. The indoor unit range includes wall mounted, floor mounted, ceiling cassettes, and concealed ducted units. The possible combinations is almost endless and allows for highly tailored solutions for any home.  


For more information on the range of heat pumps available from Mitsubishi Electric download the relevant brochure or contact us today. We'd love to hear from you!

Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Catalouge
Mitsubishi Electric OmniCore Brochure
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