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HFV350 Ventilation


Energy recovery ventilation - a better way to ventilate your home

 HFV350 is a balanced Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) system that allows you to continuously ventilate your home whilst retaining most of your valuable heat energy.


With quiet yet powerful DC fan motors, this ventilation system can shift up to 350m3 of air per hour - enough to properly ventilate most New Zealand homes.


By constantly changing the air in the home, moisture issues such as condensation are greatly reduced or eliminated completely!
Whilst natural ventilation such as opening windows may be sufficient in some situations, this may not be practical all of the time - particularly during the winter months when expensive heat energy would also be lost.
Modern homes are also well sealed and which prevents a lot of background ventilation from occurring and this can lead to condensation issues, even with double glazed windows.

Energy Recovery Ventilation overcomes the heat loss issue as most of the existing energy is recovered via a heat exchanger in the ventilator body and this energy is used to warm up the fresh air as it is drawn into the home from outside.
Odours and other contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) are also effectively reduced making the indoor air environment fresher and healthier.


The HFV350 energy recovery ventilation unit has been designed specifically for New Zealand homes and has a compact size to fit through most existing manholes making installation easy and straightforward.

A smart and modern digital wall controller allows for 3 different fan speeds to be selected and other than turning the system on an selecting a fan speed there is very little that needs to be done for the control of the HFV350 system.


It really is just 'set and forget' to enjoy the benefits of a fresher, healthier, and drier home!


For more information download a HFV350 product brochure or contact us today. We'd love to hear from you!


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